Early look for Round 2 - an easy round of tipping?

Round 1 down.

I had a shocker on the tips, 4 from 8.

There were some perfect rounds getting around, I tipped only half the card.

Not good.

Couple of good ones to look forward to this week, the Storm get Thursday night action again, this time against the Eels.

Melbourne outstanding last week, the Eels not so much but still squeezed out a win.

The Warriors get a chance to make it 2 from 2 on Friday night against the Knights and then it's the QLD Derby down @ the Gold Coast, Titans vs Broncos.

Whichever team loses goes 0 and 2 and is under some serious pressure.

The Broncos have some injury issues to deal with, it'll be interesting to see their 17 when the team announcements drop.

The Saturday games are okay, not great.

Panthers vs Bulldogs?


You'd think South will destroy Manly, albeit surely the Sea Eagles can't be that shit two weeks in a row.

Then the Cowboys and Dragons up at Townsville, the Cowboys will win that but it might not be the best game of footy ever seen.

Sunday afternoon, the Roosters and Tigers square off.

Sydney City with injury concerns after last week and the Tigers weren't awful against Canberra but ultimately outclassed.

Will young Joseph Suaalii debut? Who knows.

The last game of the weekend, the Sharks play again, hosting the Raiders. The Raiders will be far too good in that one.

I am banking on a Sharks wooden spoon this year.

What games are tough this week? The QLD Derby might be close, albeit the Titans are heavy favourites.

The value for the weekend might be with the Warriors, they're currently $2 to beat the Knights.

We'll have a full preview up on the site on Thursday.

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