Dylan Brown was just cleaning the toilet

We're not that stupid to actually post the video.

Come on now.

I thought it was getting a bit too long between drinks.

NRL players normally fill the front pages with this sort of shit a little bit more frequent than what has been happening lately.

I was getting worried that everyone was cleaning up their act.

Dylan could make a case that he and the fairly naked young girl with him in the toilet cubicle were just doing some maintenance work.

Would that be play on?

Obvious question, why did she take her top off for that?

Good point, it probably doesn't make sense.

Just for research purposes, we've reviewed the tape about 10-20 times and it is fairly inconclusive and pretty uninspiring as well.

Some clown has leaked the footage, if you're going to do that, at least get some decent content.

I will say, that I think Dylan Brown's faded haircut is a real triumph.

Good length on top, plenty to play with and nice and sharp around the sides.

Jeez Mum must be so proud of the young girl involved.

What a real sweetie.

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