Donald Trump @ $2.80 is a good bet

Could we be set for another 4 years of Donald Trump in the White House?

Well, if you listen to the national opinion polls, it looks as though Joe Biden will win the election.

But that’s what they said last time!

Take your mind back 4 years ago, Hillary Clinton had a commanding 6.1% lead over Trump in the finals stages of polling prior to election day.

Clinton in fact received 2.9m more votes than Trump in 2016, but Trump claimed the White House as he was able to win the important battleground states, including Wisconsin, Michigan & Pennsylvania.

Poor old Trumpy has been hammered on his administration's handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. According to a recent poll, 57% of people disapproved of his handling of COVID-19, whilst 54% were not satisfied with how we handled the protests stemming from the death of George Floyd.

But the polls failed in 2016.

There just seems to be some momentum with Trump. There’s no question he has done some good things for Americans. Things like the economy, bringing back jobs & border security.

Or perhaps it’s just his dance moves that everyone is in love with?

Doubt it.

Had the democrats put forward a stronger candidate, than you’d think this election would be a landslide.

But nice guy Joe Biden is a little bit slow these days, after all, the guy is 78 next month.

Anyways, we’re getting a bit too deep for the purposes of this blog.

In summary, Donald Trump @ $2.80 is not a bad bet to repeat the feats of 2016 and reclaim another term in the White House.

Like him or not, a wins a win!

What I’ll do now is, I’ll tweet this article to Trump and hope that he retweets it, he’s known to doing stupid shit like that!

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