Do we cheer for Bernard Tomic at the Australian Open?

Ol' Bernie Tomic secured a spot into the main draw of the Australian Open.

That is a good achievement, I'll grant him that.

Flying to Doha in the midst of COVID to go through qualifying for his national slam - kudos for getting that job done.

But does that mean we have to cheer for him now?

Would it be un-patriotic if we booed him when he walks out on to Show Court 24?

I remember when I had Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic in the same bracket.

How that's changed.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but Krygios really was the one that got the ball rolling last Summer with the avalanche of support for the bushfire victims.

Nick led, others followed - it was so good to see and now I am a massive, and I mean massive, Nick Kyrgios fan.

Tomic beat fellow Australian John-Patrick Smith to sneak into the main draw.

If you drop the hyphen I doubt you could find a more Australian name then John Smith - surely we can get him some form of wildcard into the event!?

But Bernie Tomic - well I can't stand this bloke.

Lleyton Hewitt would probably agree.

Don't get me wrong, there's more important issues in the world, but I am just confused as to whether we get behind this guy or not?

So what do we do? I suppose he did start making adult films, you can read about that here. That's slightly endearing.

But I just want this guy to stop being a flog - too much to ask?

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