Dear Joe Burns

Joe, you're in the naughty corner.

There's no doubt about that.

You've made something like 20 runs in the past 6 months.

But guess what?

I'm backing you in.

It's so easy to jump on someone when they're copping it from all angles and struggling to find a friend.

It's part of our culture to just pile it on the people that have fallen.

But let's just give this bloke a chance, he's the incumbent, he deserves it.

Sure, he hasn't been able to get the ball off the square in 2020, but he wouldn't be the first to be ridiculously out of form and then turn it around and save his career.

Wouldn't that be a good story, he comes out and blasts a century and just raises his bat toward everyone that has been calling for his head.

Burns debuted in 2014, since then he has played 21 tests.

He's averaging 38.3. It's actually not too bad and his partnership with David Warner has been very strong.

Obviously Warner won't be playing in Adelaide but I think the selectors and indeed the country, need to get around Joe Burns right now.

Blokes like Hayden, Langer, Slater, they all struggled early in their careers and managed to find their groove in the international arena.

This is certainly make or break for him. But I'd be giving Burns the first test, if he fails and the dismissals are clear and obvious, then he should go, but right now, there's not exactly anyone who's fit that is knocking down the door.

But let's hope Australia win the toss, we bat first and late on the first night in Adelaide, Joe Burns is scratching around the crease as he nears his hundred. He plays one of his trademark pull shots to the fence, runs down the wicket and hugs no one because of COVID but the whole nation roars.

That'd be good to see, give this guy a chance, he deserves it.

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