Dear Darius

So Darius, here we are.

We've had our ups and downs, let's just address that elephant in the room. It hasn't always been sunshine and roses.

You started with us, you followed uncle Wayne south, first to the Dragons in 2009, then the Knights in 2012.

Ultimately, you found your way back home.

You debuted in 2006 against the Cowboys, scoring our only try in a 36-4 loss. We won the Grand Final that year, you were on the wing. 27 games in your first year with 11 tries, in an impressive debut season.

Did you play on too long? Okay maybe you did.

Were you at your best this year? Perhaps not. Actually, no, you weren't.

But like any great relationship, there are plenty of ups and downs.

Now I'll be honest with you Darius, the past year, or maybe call it two, I haven't been your biggest fan. But I certainly remember what you've accomplished throughout your career and the success you've bought to the Broncos, Queensland and Australia.

The stats normally paint a fair picture.

23 appearances in the Green and Gold, 28 in the QLD Maroon. Darius you amassed 16 and 17 tries respectively for those two jerseys.

One last stat whilst we're rolling, in your 23 tests, you won all 23. The next best record is 13!

I heard you this week say you were quote 'very proud' of your career, as you should be.

So Darius, again, here we are.

At times, you've been polarising, I won't lie to you. But for all the drama and shit house interviews, we appreciate you.

But when you look at everything you've achieved, perhaps some of us haven't been as kind to you as we should have been, perhaps we haven't appreciated you enough.

Thursday night against the Cows, you play your 337th and last game in the NRL. That'll make you the 9th most capped player of all-time.

One thing I truly admire in you Darius, you have never hidden some of your struggles, in fact you have advocated mental health awareness within rugby league and the wider community. You mentioned this is something you'll be pursuing in the future, good on you.

Darius, on behalf of the millions (not quite) of Inside Feed readers and followers, we say thank you for your service and wish you all the best.

Go Broncos.


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