DCE took a dive?

Not sure he really did.

Plenty of backlash against Daly Cherry-Evans after Latrell Mitchell copped 10 in the bin but jeez, perhaps it was just a shit house decision?

Latrell clearly sticks the arm out and tries to obstruct DCE.

Did it warrant a sin bin?

No, probably not.

Penalty only?


Latrell knocks him off balance and DCE in fact doesn't milk but goes to the deck when he can't get any traction in the ground.

What's everyone blowing up about?

Leave DCE alone!

To Latrell's credit, he was outstanding for the Bunnies on Saturday night, he was in everything.

Bunnies and the Roosters this week will be an absolute belter, we get that game and the Panthers vs Storm.

It's only Monday morning, but fark I am excited.

Perhaps the best betting proposition for Round 3 will be the Sea Eagles themselves against the Dragons.

Yes, Ben Hunt and the Dragons were good on Saturday night, but the Sea Eagles weren't awful against arguably one of the top premiership contenders.

Early markets have Manly @ $1.95, surely they can't go 0-3 start to the season?


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