DCE - 'On behalf of the worst QLD origin team...'

Thank you very much!

Daly Cherry-Evans, take a bow.

The QLD captain couldn't help but take a cheeky little swipe at those that had been labelling this year's Queensland side as the worst in history.

Included in those was our dear old friend Paul Gallen.

You can read about that here.

QLD were just simply too good, some stand out performances across the park, including from a couple of debutants.

Edrick Lee, flawless on the wing on his origin debut, Dane Gagai and Valentine Holmes were great, Josh Papalii, Christian Welch and Tino Fa'asuamaleaui led up front and the defense of Felise Kaufusi was excellent.

What about Cameron Munster and Harry Grant? Simply outstanding.

But for all those fantastic efforts, it was Cherry-Evan's acceptance speech that really stole the show for me.

Even despite the loss, Paul Gallen doubled down on his comments in the post-game, again labelling this current Maroons side as the worst in their history,

What does that say about the Blues?

Scary and somewhat sad to think really.

I reckon DCE's leadership might be something that's gone underrated with this QLD side.

He's had his fair share of heart break in the origin arena, but now he's come back and captained the Maroons to a famous origin victory.

DCE is 31, he's probably got at least a couple more years as the skipper of Queensland and with the talent coming through, the Maroons may well win a few more series under his leadership before his time is done.

Ha, the worst side in QLD's history, Paul Gallen is a funny man.

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