David Warner just trolled J-Mac

Australia's favourite TikTok'er and opening batsman just trolled one of our premier jockeys, James McDonald - the J-Mac.

Warner owns a number of horses, J-Mac rides some of them.

So they're mates.

They probably golf together.

Anyways, J-Mac posted a picture prior to new years alongside his girlfriend and TV presenter, Katelyn Mallyon.

It was a nice pic, here it is.

Lovely, but queue David Warner.

Warner who is obviously preparing for the third test in Sydney next week found some time to comment on J-Mac's post and make it presumably super awkward for everyone.

The old ring emoji - of course referring to the fact that J-Mac and Mallyon have been dating for a while but are yet to get engaged.

Nice one Davey, jeez he's seeing them well - let's hope he takes this sort of form into the SCG against the Indians next week.

As for J-Mac - I'll leave his personal life alone, but I will say one thing, there isn't a better jockey getting around than McDonald - particularly in Sydney. If they're in the market and J-Mac is on, you can be pretty confident they'll get every chance.

My advice for J-Mac if he wanted to return serve on Warner? Jump on TikTok and search him up, there's plenty of content there that probably shouldn't have seen the light of day!

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