Dave Fifita got a long Uber

Big night for the new Titans recruit!


Fifita was drinking @ Friday's in Brisbane City and then must have got an Uber to the Gold Coast.

He's of course then been arrested for trespassing at a woman's apartment early Sunday morning around 8am.

Big night!

Anyways, Fifita was taken into custody and then released without any charges being laid against him.

So, that's pretty much it.

Nothing else to see here.

But it is of course all across mainstream media because they've got nothing else to talk about at the moment.

The NRL silly season hasn't really eventuated this year, there hasn't been any pissing in public, no really drunken nights out that the papers can grab a hold of.

So if anyone does so much as fart in the wrong direction at the moment, it'll be making headlines around the country.

The better headline for this story might be the fact that Fifita likely got one hell of an expensive Uber.

Unless he waited for the trains to start, maybe he did the old Central Station to Nerang trip?

We've all been there before, chatting up a lovely young lady, thinking she might have been keen on a little something something and then later found out we were horribly wrong and she was only really using you to get free drinks.

Ahhhh, all too familiar.

We've all been there, right? I know I have.

Anyways, another storm in a teacup.

Now we can focus on Fifita absolutely ripping shit up for the Titans next year perhaps. I've backed them to make the Top 8, I think that's a great bet with the cattle they've added and the end of season promise they showed in 2021.

I'm just worried about Dave Fifita's Uber bill - he either needs to find a bar closer to the Gold Coast or he might have to start taking the train.

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