Dan Andrews must farken love his tennis

I love my tennis.

I particularly love the Australian Open.

But honestly, how the F is the Australian Open going ahead?

It's a miracle!

It doesn't need to be said how much pain Victorians have been through with the second wave of COVID - how about we don't make it a third - huh?

Yes, the Australian Open will be good for the economy - I get that.

But if it's a couple of steps forward for the economy with the Australian Open going ahead, it would be a thousand steps backward if COVID was to rear its ugly head.

Let's hope it doesn't.

Anyways, those decisions have already been made - there's already a heap of players quarantining in Melbourne Hotels.

Did you see Novak's 'demands' as well? They were swiftly rejected.

And the complaining - oh my god.

These players are so precious - are they aware of what the world has been through in the past 12 months - it's a global farking pandemic.

You knew you were going to have to quarantine, if you don't like it - don't come.

Pretty simple stuff.

So these players are isolated for a couple of weeks and they're bound to eat what is provided by the hotel - boo hoo. Get over it.

It just seems crazy that it's going ahead.

That said, the real winners in all of this - from a tennis perspective at least - are the Aussies!

Nick Krygios is $26 to win the Australian Open, whilst Ash Barty is $9.50 - these two aren't having to quarantine - it's business as usual.

Big advantage you'd think!

That might be worth a sneaky bet if you're that way inclined.

Let's just hope we get through it all unscathed - otherwise Dan Andrews will be unemployed and definitely be getting on the beers.

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