Damien Hardwick just farted

That'll be the next headline.

Give me a break.

I feel like that old bloke that does media watch on the ABC.

What the hell is everyone getting so worked up about?

Richmond has cleared the Hardwick relationship with the lady from the commercial sales team - no problem.

End of story - right?

Not the first office romance and won't be the last.

I saw headlines to the nature that the Richmond club was in 'turmoil'. The other good one was that this is a big 'scandal'.

Turmoil, scandal. Oh wow.

You kidding me?

I get it, it's a great headline, it's a bit of click bait - the media sees an opportunity to take down the all-conquering premiers.

But honestly, this is not even news.

It really is none of our business, why should this be splattered across all of the back pages - I'll just never understand it.

The media have revealed the identity of the new flame, she's had to go and delete all of her social media, such is the world we live in these days.

But I'd say the Tigers are far from in turmoil, in fact I've backed them to win the flag again in 2021 so hopefully coach Hardwick is kicking his heels up, head over heels in love, and it makes him a better coach.

Wouldn't that be nice.

Let's stop treating these people like the Kardashians, they didn't sign up for any of that - it really is none of our business.

End of rant - for now.

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