Country gets frustrated…over man getting frustrated

Have you ever got frustrated for no other reason than the fact someone close to you was frustrated?

Well that’s what happened late on day five and in the immediate aftermath of Australia’s gripping draw with India in the third test.

Tim Paine had a mare – as a leader, as a strategic captain and most importantly, performance wise.

But a poor match won’t define his career, nor that of his Australian captaincy. It didn’t when he lost the plot as captain against a rampaging Ben Stokes in the third test of The Ashes, and it won’t here either.

What yesterday showed is the emotional investment the public have in Australian cricket. In an otherwise disappointing day full of doom and gloom, the sheer care factor and discussion we saw on social media displayed a positive light for both Australian and test cricket.

Did Paine’s words to Ravi Ashwin go too far? Maybe, but not by the extreme margin the cricketing public would have you believe.

Just like when Cricket Australia handed outrageous bans to the trio involved in the ball-tampering saga, Paine too fell to public demand. In his post-match interview, he regarded the situation as part of the game and as no harm being done. So why today has he felt the need to apologise?

On the rare times like yesterday when the Aussie bowlers can’t do it, we can always count on public overreaction to claim another scalp.

Well played people!

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