Comparing Eras? Just Appreciate Greatness…


Yep that’s what the 35-year-old LeBron James did in game five to seal a 4-1 victory for his Los Angeles Lakers against the resilient Denver Nuggets.

But for the Lakers team success, and as Lebron continues to rewrite and form his legacy, pundits once again had to reopen the GOAT debate. For what it’s worth, Michael Jordan led the league in scoring, won both regular season and Finals MVP, and won his sixth championship at age 35. But who freaking cares!

As a sports loving society we have this incessant need to use athletes’ failures in order to amplify others. MJ and Lebron are the perfect example, it’s always MJ didn’t do this or LeBron hasn’t done that. Most of the time it’s all fun and games...until you get someone that’s so regimented in their argument that they just become super annoying.

Don’t be that person.

It’s not just a basketball thing either. The debate of who’s the better Ablett, senior or junior? Once again it’s fun I guess…but there is no conclusive answer you can possibly give. They played in different positions across different eras for goodness sake.

Then you have the debate of who’s the best cricketer ever. Indians will no doubt point to Tendulkar, or dare I even say Kohli, whilst us Aussies chime in with Sir Don’s average despite 99.94% of us having never seen him play.

Comparing athletes across the same era can be much easier and worthwhile, however even that can be impossible at times. In what way could you categorically split Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic? Oh but Roger has the most Grand Slams and his style of play is more pleasant on the eye. Yes, but he also has losing records against both Rafa and the Joker.

With the likes of Lebron, Ablett Junior and tennis’ big three all nearing the latter end of their careers, why can’t we just enjoy them for who they are and who they have been? It’s not just sport either, as humans we have a natural inclination to compare ourselves to others in order to gauge self-worth.

Although these extraordinary athletes continue to defy it, father time remains unbeaten.

Let’s enjoy them whilst we can.


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