Channel 7 need the 12th man to commentate

Ricky Ponting = excellent.

Rest of Channel 7's coverage = pretty shithouse.

They've got nothing on the good old days of Channel 9's coverage.

But I am locked on Fox Cricket, better commentators, better graphics, greater insight.

Shane Warne, Kerry O'Keefe, Mark Waugh & co. All anchored by the new Bruce McAvaney, Mark Howard.

Maybe Allan Border might be a bit past it, the rest I quite like.

I am even finding myself liking what Brett Lee's been saying.

Channel 7 went with blokes like Brad Hodge and Simon Katich, decent enough cricketers but don't really add much behind the mic.

You need a bit more flavour.

I think the best solution for Channel 7 might be to employ Billy Birmingham, the 12th man to take over the commentary and do it all.

We can dust off the old legends of the game, Richie, Chappelli, Tony Greig & Bill Lawry.

Looks like a good solution in my mind.

Wouldn't that make for more entertaining cricket? Perhaps we just tone down the swearing a touch for the younger audience.

I've just saved Channel 7's cricket coverage.

You're welcome Kerry Stokes.

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