Cashed up Cronulla in 2022?

How about these names coming off contract in 2022 for the Sharks?

There's going to be some serious decisions to be made!

Josh Dugan, Shaun Johnson, Matt Moylan, Aiden Tolman, Aaron Woods & Bronson Xerri.

That's not it, there's a few others as well but those listed above would be commanding the highest salaries you'd think.

So what do the Sharks do?

2021 will no doubt give us more of an insight.

Josh Dugan is currently on $750,000 and has expressed interest in remaining at the club, if he did, he won't be getting the same sort of salary.

Earlier this year there were rumours they were considering a medical retirement for Dugan - that's now changed.

There's either a tough decision to be made or a significant pay cut to be handed out.

What about Shaun Johnson. Reportedly on $1m a season, what will the Sharks do there? He's a golden boot winner but has he warranted $1m a season? Not sure.

Matt Moylan, well 2021 looms as D-Day. You can't imagine the Sharks will be resigning him, particularly with a reported salary of $850,000 per season.

These figures are piling up!

Aiden Tolman is of course only new this year, signing a 1-year deal. Let's see how he goes.

Meanwhile, Aaron Woods is on $600,000 a year. He'll be 30 in 2022, suffice to say his best days are probably past him.

As for Bronson Xerri, well he's serving a 4-year ban for doping, we all know that. But his career certainly isn't over. I don't know how the contract negotiations will work with someone in that situation.

Xerri did knock back $500,000 a year for 5 years with the Sharks earlier in 2020, who knows what happens with him.

This time next year, the Sharks will have some serious decisions to make.

Which of their ageing stars do they keep and which of them do they say farewell?

One thing is for sure, they'll have cash to spend, in fact, they'll have plenty of it.

Someone like Kotoni Staggs might loom as big target for the Sharks, there's already rumours of that nature circulating.

They are going to find themselves in a pretty strong position, if they're smart they could really build a powerful roster.

Who do they keep and who do they send packing? Put your Cronulla GM hat on and let us know what you think!

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