Canberra Raiders - all class

2020 has been such a weirdo of a year hasn't it?

Most of us will be looking forward to seeing the back of it.

It's so weird, that the headlines coming out of the NRL and it's players of late have actually been positive.

Put aside Jarryd Hayne and the Jack de Belin stuff and it's been pretty good this off season which really is normally the silly season of players behaving badly.

Probably the only thing I can think of is the Tom Startling incident.

He was reportedly backing up his Mother & Brother, no complaints here on that one if that's true, Ricky Stuart backed him as well.

So last week it was the Cronulla Sharks and Shaun Johnson that we mentioned was doing some good in the community.

Johnson was providing great support to a family that was seriously doing it tough.

Now this week, did you see what the Canberra Raiders did?

You might have missed it - check it out.

Cooper got the rock star treatment on route to his Year 12 formal with the playing squad giving him the guard of honour!

Pretty cool!

More and more of this sort of stuff please!

How good is it to see players and organisations alike using their platform to do stuff like this. Apparently Jarrod Croker and Ricky Stuart have had plenty to do with Cooper for many years now.

So now we've got NRL players, that are making headlines for the right reasons and not getting slapped across the back page of the paper for stupidity and drunken indiscretions. What!?

2020 you are a crazy son of a bitch!

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