Can we just make love, not war? The ongoing Collingwood saga…

Wow. I can’t believe I just used the words of Jason Derulo within the title of an article.

At Inside Feed we try to be fun, light-hearted, and offer some chuckles for readers and/or listeners.

I’m afraid this is the exact opposite, this is dead serious.

As a young Collingwood fan I idolised Heritier Lumumba, his dashing runs from half-back were engrossing and as exciting as Australian football gets, he reflected the way the game should be played, a type of flare that has so often been lost to our great game in recent years.

His life journey took him to an extremely high-level AFL footballer, an inspiration to anyone regardless of their culture or background.

What I’ve seen and read in recent days and weeks has pained me as a lifelong, passionate Collingwood man. But it’s that passion that has fuelled me into writing this piece, knowing full well that anything I write may be considered controversial given the sensitivity of the topic.

The events that have occurred over the past few weeks have been detrimental to everyone involved, and more importantly, Australian society in general. Even those who yearn for the demise of the Collingwood Football Club could not have wished it within these circumstances. The divisiveness this has caused becomes apparent simply by scrolling through the abundant of social media posts relating to the issue.

We as a country should be uniting against racism, yet the perplexity of this situation has us doing the complete opposite. It’s pure and simple – some back Lumumba and a damning report, whilst others believe the words of his former teammates Dayne Beams and Simon Buckley, as well as Sharrod Wellingham whom stated that ‘I didn’t experience racism’ whilst at the club during the same period.

I do understand where both sides are coming from, I believe it’s a case of differing opinion. Others claim that the argument in itself is a showcase of Australia’s racism issues and as a white man, I’m not here to categorically tell you what does and doesn’t constitute as racism.

What I am here to tell you is that no one is winning throughout all of this, what resolution can we reach that constitutes a positive outcome for a particular party?

The resolution certainly wasn’t the resignation of Eddie McGuire and even if some thought it was, they should only look at the way in which it fuelled supporters of McGuire into vehemently defending him. This has been led by Beams who remains a premiership teammate with Lumumba.

The amount of energy being compiled from both sides does not constitute what can only describe this current circumstance as an endless war.

But the fight against racism isn’t an endless war, it’s vitally important and we continue to be educated. Let’s put the fights and arguments to one side, unite together and continue this education in a more positive environment, one that prevents these issues from rearing their head again.

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