Can I change my top 4 picks?

Forgive me for I have sinned.

The season hasn't even started and I already think I've made a massive error.

I left the Raiders out of my Top 4.

Yep, not good hey.

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You see last year I had a bet with my mate for $100 that the green machine would indeed make the Top 4.

They of course finished 5th.

Down $100.

Up until the final few minutes of the Eels & Tigers game in the last round, Ricky's men were in, then the Tigers shat the bed and lost.

Of course they did.

But this year, despite the loss of John Bateman, their forward pack is still really strong, jeez I am a big Papalii fan - aren't we all.

Josh Hodgson pretty much missed the whole of 2020, he'll be back orchestrating the attack in his own crafty little way.

The halves pairing is good, really good. Jack Wighton was last year's best player and George Williams will be better again in 2021 after a year under his belt in the NRL.

Then there's the old stalwart and skipper, Jarrod Croker. He'll score another a few hundred points this year and be the mainstay of the Raiders operation.

You add that all to the fact that it's mighty tough to go down to Canberra in the middle of winter and play the Raiders @ home and you've got a pretty good recipe for a lot of wins.

Oh and don't forget Ricky Stuart - love that bloke. If you didn't love him before, the manner in which he supported Tom Starling late last year when he ran into a bit of trouble was outstanding.

He's a great leader.

Canberra is $2.50 to make the Top 4, jeez that looks like a good bet for those that are that way inclined.

Get the viking clap going, it's going to be a good year in Canberra.

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