Cameron Smith - Where the bloody hell are you?

Where's Lara Bingle when you need her?

Anyone heard what Cam Smith's doing?

Teams are well and truly back at training - nothing out of Smithy as yet. What's he doing?

I think the Titans still have 1 spot left on the roster, whilst a return to the Storm seems increasingly unlikely.

When's the big announcement coming?

The other piece of speculation was that Smith would take over the reigns as Maroons coach after Uncle Wayne announced yesterday that he'd step down after guiding Queensland to a famous victory in 2020.

Would Smithy make a good coach. Yes, I think he would.

After all, he's arguably in the top couple of players of all-time, he's also been hailed as one of the best referees the game has even seen - I am sure there's no doubt he'd make the transition to coaching pretty easily.

For the sake of good journalism - if you call us that - I decided to go back and watch the famous add featuring young Lara Bingle.

The other bloke in the QLD coaching conversation is reportedly Paul Green.

That wouldn't be a bad result either.

I always thought Smith would end up in the NRL front office - maybe not the top job, but I just got the feeling he was destined for something in a suit.

But before we start talking too much about what Cameron Smith does after his playing days are done, are we going to see him lace the boots up again?

Put us out of our misery Smithy!

Will he add to the 430 games he's played? How ridiculous is that. 430 games, not to mention 56 caps for Australia and 42 for Queensland.


Maybe Smith is done, if not - he probably ends up on the Gold Coast you'd think.

I suppose we just keep waiting patiently, Smith has probably earned the right to do what he wants, when he wants.

Ahhh Lara Bingle...

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