Cameron Smith should do his own version of 'The Decision'

Remember when LeBron James announced he was moving to Miami?

'The Decision' it was called, it aired on ESPN.

Whilst he copped all sorts of criticism for it, LBJ was able to raise $3m for charity with that little event.

Not bad.

So I was thinking Cameron Smith should do the same thing.

You'd think a decision on his playing future is imminent, we'll find out this week what the GOAT is doing.

The most recent speculation is that Smith will be taking a 1-year deal with the Broncos, before moving up to a coaching role in 2022.

It seems as though his Storm career, playing at least, might be done.

There's the Titans still there too, but their CEO said that the club hasn't even spoken to Smith.

I can't quite believe that, surely the Titans have reached out to Smith or his management given all the speculation?

Anyways, I digress.

What we'll do is, we will offer Cameron Smith the Inside Feed YouTube channel to make it happen. We can go live.

I'll get our people to talk to his people.

I just realised, we don't really have 'people'.

Not sure we've got quite the $3m to put up for it, but I am sure we can raise some coin for a good cause.

@cameronsmith - what do you reckon? I am sure he's a frequent reader of Inside Feed.

Let's make it happen.

Stay tuned.

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