Cameron Munster should be the next Bachelor

You reckon Queensland missed Cameron Munster in Game 2?

He has elevated himself to be among the best in the game, in fact he may well be the best by now.


QLD win the series after a 20-14 win over the Blues in the Decider.

Munster's performance in Origin 3 was nothing short of sensational, perhaps even phenomenal.

Don't get me wrong, there were other outstanding performances, Felise Kaufusi's low chop defense was immense, Dane Gagai was great again, Papalii, Welch and Tino were awesome up front.

But Munster, well he was just f#cken brilliant.

And the guy loves the piss!

He's just the full package, what woman in her right mind wouldn't want to date this guy?

There's a new Cameron in town, move over Smithy (even though I love you too).

What about the involvements late in the first half for Edrick Lee's first origin try?

Three kicks in about 15 seconds, the last one on zero tackle to find the space out wide. Bit ballsy wasn't it!

Not gloating, but we did expect Munster to go alright tonight!

Queensland got the tactics very right early, they didn't allow NSW to own contact like in Game 2. Bennett had his men shifting on first and second tackle to avoid the rush defense.

The best part about this, Munster is only 26. We've got him for many years to come!

We thought he'd reached GOAT status when he called Mal Meninga and Wayne Bennett and asked if he could be granted an additional 24-48 hours of leave to continue the Storm's premiership celebrations.

Stuff of legend, you can read about that here.

But Munster is now in the 'something else' category. He's already got 2 premierships and you'd be a brave man to suggest he won't add more to the mantelpiece before his career is done.

Cameron Munster, will you accept this rose?

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