Cam Smith is worth plenty

We're now less than a week out from the NRL season, this time next week I'll be getting the hair and make up on to go to the Caxton and get ready for the Broncos and Eels.

But yet, despite that, we're still no closer to knowing what Cameron Smith is doing this year.

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Will he join the Broncos?

The figure being thrown around that the Broncos can spend is something around $550,000 - $600,000.



Pay the man.

Is it too late now?

At this rate, Smithy might run out as one of the cheerleaders in disguise and then do a big surprise reveal like they do in Vince McMahon's WWE.

But I've got the solution.

Pay him the $550,000 - $600,000 or whatever we have available in the cap, I'm sure there will be third party agreements left, right and centre attached to that - let's just not stuff it up like the Storm did!

Then we announce Smith as the Captain / Assistant Coach and we pay him an Assistant Coach's wage as well.

Now that I write that, I presume you're not allowed to do it!?

Having Smith is exactly what the Broncos need - the trial game had some nice parts to it but ultimately, they need that cool and experienced head to help them play a full 80 minutes.

It will be a media circus over the next week if Smith signs - I hope it's not too late!


7 days until we beat Parramatta.

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