Cam Munster = GOAT / Legend Status

Winning an NRL premiership doesn’t come around too often, right?

I suppose unless you’ve been aligned with the Melbourne Storm or Sydney Roosters for the past 10-15 years.

But with State of Origin pushed back to the end of the year due to COVID, it did mean that some of the premiership winning stars miss out on a full bender with their team mates.

The Melbourne Storm players headed to Byron Bay to continue their partying and Queensland playmaker Cameron Munster wanted to join!

What a legend!

But just 1 problem, 1 big problem for Cameron.

Cooper Johns confirmed that Munster phoned up Mal Meninga to see if he could get an extra 24-48 hours to continue the celebrations.

I mean, that’s just stuff of legend!

He’s gone full Dennis Rodman!

The request was reportedly pretty quickly rejected, and you can understand why given there is just 5 days until the series opener in Adelaide.

But as a Queenslander supporter myself, I find this somewhat endearing. In fact I love it.

I mean, if we happen to lose by 30 next Wednesday night then naturally I'll be irate, but other than that, Cameron Munster is just an absolute legend right?

The photos and videos getting around social media tell a fair story, there's no doubt the boys have partied hard.

But now that the bender has subsided, Munster has got a job to do and byjingos he is an important piece of the QLD puzzle.

Are the maroons any chance? Team lists and form guide suggest not but that's what they said in 1995 when QLD upset the Blues in an upset whitewash.

Remember, with Fatty as coach...

Will it happen again? I'll reserve judgement, in fact I am sure over the course of the next couple of days we will look at both sides and form an opinion.

But right now, I just want to appreciate Cameron Munster. He's reached rare air in my books, he's one in a million this bloke.

Go the maroons.

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