Burns vs Pucovski, Mr TikTok will decide

Well it looks like Joe Burns is going to hold on to his spot at the top of the Australian order.

For now, at least.

Burns hasn't managed to pass 30 from five innings in Sheffield Shield cricket this season, but that hasn't stopped Aussie coach Justin Langer and famous TikTok star, David Warner from publicly backing Burns to hold his spot.

It seems as though Warner has a fair say in what goes down in terms of his opening partner.

He and Burns averaged a tick over 60 at the top of the order last summer, with Burns scoring two half centuries including 97 against Pakistan for what you'd consider a fairly modest return from 5 tests.

You remember last summer, Pakistan and New Zealand toured, David Warner got 335 not out in Adelaide and Marnus Labuschagne was in rare form.

Seems like a long time ago!

Burns averages 38.3 in test cricket, including 4 100's from 21 matches.

Again, a modest return, but we've seen in the past that blokes like Matt Hayden, Justin Langer himself and others can start their careers a little slowly and work their way towards a test average of 50 when it is all said and done.

Joe Burns is 31, he's still got 4-5 years you'd think.

The man putting all the pressure on is of course young Will Pucovski. They couldn't get him out at one stage!

Many good judges are suggesting that Pucovski is ready for test cricket at the age of 22, others think he should wait a little longer.

Despite their respective form this summer, I think Burns deserves another chance at the top of the order. It seems there's quite the bromance going on between he and Warner and I've always been a fan of backing the incumbent.

There's no doubt Pucovski will play many years for Australia, he's a real talent, but Burns deserves the opportunity to hold his position, or otherwise lose it.

It seems as thought it'll come down to the TikTok'er, Mr Warner who will get the last say on who walks out to the crease with him and on that, you'd suggest it's going to be Joe Burns.

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