Brooklyn Nets = Scary

Updated: Mar 9

Holy shit.

Brooklyn won 10 of their past 11 games heading into All-Star Weekend and now they're adding Blake Griffin to the roster.

Let's be clear, this is not the lob city version of Blake Griffin - this is a 31 year old that's averaged around 31 minutes a night in Detroit for 12, 5 & 4.

The Nets are half a game behind in the 76ers in the East, that'll be an epic Conference Finals if that's how it pans out - albeit Giannis and the Bucks aren't dead.

Where does Griffin fit in?

You'd think he's best served on a rotation off the bench.

Let KD, Kyrie and James Harden do their thing from the start, then they can get Griffin some ball in the low post while the others are catching a breather.

Maybe he gets something like 20-25 minutes a night.

If he's happy to play that sort of role - this looks like a great signing.

The Nets are currently paying $4 to win the NBA Championship, the Lakers remain the favourites @ $3.75 despite a poor recent run minus Anthony Davis.

$4 for the Nets looks a good price, perhaps all they need to do now is sign Robert Horry to make them absolute certainties.

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