Broncos fans rejoice!

Well sort of...

It was better wasn't it.

12-12 all with the top of the table Panthers with 10-15 minutes remaining and we end up losing by 8.

I liked Kevvie's response in his press conference, he was disappointed and wants only to win.


But it was a better showing, there's no doubt about that.

Jamayne Isaako got peppered all night down back and he held strong, Corey Oates returned to action and aside from one dropped ball when he did some aerial acrobatics, he was excellent.

73 post contact metres and 4 tackle busts for Corey, a pleasing return.

I don't like David Mead in the centres, I'm not sure what the alternative was last night but we were lacking there.

Brodie Croft played his best game in many years and certainly his best in Broncos colours.

He was direct and he was tough in defense, I liked it.

The forward pack was outstanding.

Matt Lodge was good early, Payne Haas carried for 211 metres on the night, Patrick Carrigan was a one man battering ram, pin-balling his way through the Panthers defense and Tevita Pangai Jr was rightly adjudged the Broncos best on the night with a high work rate, a try and some clever footy with a 1-on-1 steal at one point.

Happy with Jake Turpin too, just a lazy 53 tackles and just the 1 miss.

My concerns with that side last night are Mead and skipper Glenn who continues to struggle.

Is Herbie back next week? That'll fix our issue in the centres but there's no way I'm dropping Corey Oates back to Intrust Super Cup after that performance, he's got an opportunity and made the most of it.

This wasn't one of those games where the Broncs trail by 20 odd for most the night and then come back once the opposition side have put the cue in the rack.

We also didn't see the 15-20 minute lapse that we're so used to that costs us 3-4 tries.

No, no.

This was better.

This was us sticking it to the premiership favourites and really the difference was some late plays by Nathan Cleary.

Broncos fans can have some form of optimism after that.

Next week it's dirty stinking Parramatta again, the team we led 16-0 in Round 1, sorry for reminding you and then we get the Titans and Cowboys.

On that performance last night, they're all winnable.

In fact, if we can compete like that with the Panthers, we're capable of anything!

And yes, I did get heavily involved in the Broncos +26.5 bet that we spoke about earlier in the week, that was never in doubt.

Thanks Kevvie.

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