Broncos Captain for 2021

Well it's only up from here.

Kevvie Walters is giving us all some belief that we can turn things around in 2021 and get Suncorp Stadium rocking again.

We'll have to do it without Kotoni Staggs for about the first half of the year.

Speculation is mounting that former Maroons and Kangaroos centre, Will Chambers could be showing up in Brisbane which will go some way to plugging the big hole left by Staggs.

But the big question right now is, who's going to lead us?

Alex Glenn was of course skipper this year, but Kevvie has suggested he is keeping an open mind with regards to who will lead in 2021.

To me, that suggests it won't be Glenn.

So if it isn't Glenn, then who is it?

The criteria is pretty simple, naturally it needs to be someone who is a walk up starter each week, someone with some level of experience and obviously someone who can lead from the front and bring the best out of others.

Looking through the Broncos likely side for 2021, it is again likely full of plenty of young talent.

The 'older heads', for one of a better term, is probably limited to Anthony Milford, Matt Lodge, Andrew McCullough and of course Alex Glenn.

Perhaps the only other one that you might throw into the conversation would be Patrick Carrigan.

To me, it's pretty obvious.

With Milford, we probably need to get him focused on rejuvenating himself and getting back to the Milf of old. Dare I say it, the Milf that we bought up from Canberra. Perhaps captaincy could bring the best out of him?

Not sure.

Matt Lodge leads by example on the park, he was among our best in 2020. Is he a captain but? I'd put him in the James Graham mould, who I didn't really rate as a good captain. You want Lodge being the aggressive enforcer, I don't think he's your skipper.

That leaves McCullough and Glenn.

Is Glenn a certain starter next year? Perhaps, but I am not convinced.

If Kevvie thought Glenn was the right man to lead, he would have come out and said that from the start you'd think?

I think the man for the job is Andrew McCullough.

Back to Brisbane for season 2021 after a stint with the Knights, he should be right to go for the start of the season after suffering a serious hamstring injury in late July this year.

You'd think he's the obvious choice for captain and might be the experience the Broncos need in their spine.

Unless of course Cameron Smith had plans on moving to the Broncos, then not only would McCullough's captaincy aspirations be dashed, but so too his thoughts of starting a game!

I think it's pretty safe to say that if Smith was to play on however, it is likely that it'll be with the Titans.

But who knows.

I wouldn't mind Andrew McCullough leading the Broncos on to Suncorp, I think he'd make a great skipper.

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