Broncos +26.5

Sad day around Brisbane with news that Anthony 'the Milf' Milford is set to be dropped.

Yes, he's been playing shit house but I was always holding on hope that he would turn things around.

Where did it all go wrong?

Ahhh, that might be a story for another time.

Let's hope he gets some of his mojo back in Reserve Grade, perhaps his best jersey for the Broncos might be #14?

The NRL draw hasn't been overly favourable to the Broncos, I mean seriously.

Melbourne, Souths & now we have Penrith.

Sportsbet have put up the odds already, head-to-head the Broncos are paying $16.


That's almost the highest price they'll offer for a two-horse race.

They're offering $1.90 for the Broncos with a 26.5 start.

For those that aren't too much into their punting, that effectively means, when the game starts, the Broncos are leading 26.5 - 0 and it's just a matter of whether they'll lose by 27 or more.

Get it?

Just the 1 match between these two sides last year and the Panthers beat the Broncs by 13. Remember this was the game when Kotoni Staggs threw Josh Mansour on the ground with of the great fends of all-time?

Watching that really makes me miss Kotoni.

I digress.

The two big losses on the trot over the past fortnight have been by 34 and 29 points to the Storm and Bunnies respectively.

So, I am not sure why, but I am backing the Broncos with that 26.5 start.


Probably because I am not very clever.

But they'll get home ground advantage, they're actually averaging just under 14 points per game which'll mean Penrith will have to score 40 - which is possible but you'd think unlikely.

Surely, just surely the Broncos stick their shoulders in and give it a red hot crack this Thursday.


Or maybe I am just clutching at straws here but a 26.5 start?

We have to be a sniff.

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