Bring your Mates over and watch Netball

If you are anything like me, watching sport is just so much better with mates and a few beers.

However, you ever notice, you and your mates get together only to watch men sports, either UFC, basketball, soccer, Boxing, Footy etc. And there is nothing wrong with that. I was the same, we can only watch what we know and enjoy.

Thanks to COVID, I was stuck at home bored. That's when I came across super Netball on TV. I was amazed at the skill level the teams play at. I had to invite a few of mates over to watch it, and to our surprise we enjoyed it. And you might say, ‘of course you did mate, you were drunk’ but just hear me out.

If you ‘d asked me a year ago about Netball, I would've told you no one watches it. However, it couldn't be further from the truth. Netball is the number one growing sport in Australia surpassing AFL and NRL. And this all thanks to amazing skills they players show while playing the games. It is truly a high-level skill competition sport like any other sport out there even not more. This all shows in their amazing growth of the business and viewership.

Netball Australia has doubled its business from $14 million to $28 million since 2017. Their audience has grown more than 30% on every platform. More than 930,000 people nationwide were watching the Grand Final game on Nine's Broadcast alone.

Digital devices audience from the Netball Live Official app is up by 30% and streaming from 9now is up by 37% from on last year grand final.

Across the season, more than five million people tuned into Suncorp Super Netball broadcasts on Nine.

To put that in perspective, it's like the whole of the Sydney population turn in to watch the season.

So next time you want to watch sport with mates, invite them over and watch some of the Netball games - it might surprise you.

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