Bring back the biff - Origin Game 3 - Let's get it on!

Strap yourselves in, it is shaping up to be a belter Origin decider.

QLD Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk is letting Suncorp to be at capacity so there will be 50,000+ screaming QLD'ers that don't like Phil Gould.

A quick word on that, did you hear Premier Palaszczuk has reserved 2,000 seats for the doctors, nurses and other health practitioners that have helped navigate Queensland through the COVID pandemic?

That's pretty cool, well done madam Premier.

Anyways, back to the game.

Surely the boys just rip in, right?

Sure they might miss a couple of games at the start of next year, but tonight's decider looms as a wonderful opportunity to bring the biff, old school.

It's started early, both camps throwing some verbal in the others direction.

Payne Haas and Tino Fa'asuamaleaui, they threw some fists in Game 2 and got sat down for 10 minutes, albeit there wasn't much in it, let's get that on again!

You can bet blokes like Jake Friend for the Maroons and Nathan Brown for the Blues will be keen to see some mongrel injected into the game.

Perhaps Brown comes on earlier than he did in Game 2? I'll be backing he gets more than 17 minutes as well.

Perhaps Wayne Bennett should have considered bringing back in the ultimate grub, which I consider a term of endearment, into the fold for Game 3? Josh McGuire, remember him?

That'd be nice.

It doesn't get too much better than a State of Origin decider @ Lang Park, or for the new folk, Suncorp Stadium.

Some of the old legends of the game, including the King himself, Wally Lewis, they're all calling for an old school game of origin.

Tough & uncomprimising. It might just be a question of which side is happy to throw the first few punches. Cattledog style perhaps!

You're probably all going to scurry off to YouTube now and search for the most epic Origin brawls of all-time, here's my favourite.

Brett White and Trent Waterhouse, no one ever really liked them. Justin Hodges was at his very best here and well Ben Creagh, he just lost all respect.

Anyways, who's going to win.

The mighty maroons have such a wonderful record in deciders and they'll come out humming in front of a packed Suncorp.

Munster is good to go, I think that means QLD is good to go. My hesitation is with Xavier Coates out, Edrick Lee is on debut and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Blues are going to serve it up to him.

This won't be a blow out, it can't be, surely. This'll be tight, either team will be able to win it with 15-20 to go.

Banking on the QLD pack to stand up here and control the middle of the field, like NSW did in Game 2.

QLD by 6 and Cameron Munster to be Man of the Match.

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