Brett Dallas always had speed

This isn't very good.

Brett Dallas was renowned for his speed in his days on the wing for the Bulldogs and North Sydney Bears throughout the 90's.

At just 18, he was playing state of origin for Queensland, then by 21 he was scoring that in famous try to seal the 1995 series.

90m from dummy half, go on, watch it.

By the end of 1995, Dallas was representing Australia at the World Cup - not bad for a bloke who's just 21!

But now Brett Dallas is facing some pretty serious shit.

Right now, Brett Dallas is staring down the barrel of 25 years in jail - if found guilty of a string of drugs related charges.

The list of charges is extensive, it includes possession & supply of ice, producing marijuana and plenty more.

It's quite a fall from grace, once upon a time Dallas was earning big money - then he ended up on Centrelink and now this.

Not cool.

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