BREAKING: Wayne Bennett CAN coach

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

1995 flashbacks anyone?

You little beauty!!

10-nil early to the cockroaches, it all appeared to be going to the pre-game script. NSW went in a dominant favourite, touching around $1.30 just prior to kick-off.

Mid-way through the first half, I was exchanging texts with a few mates, we weren't overly complimentary of the QLD'ers.

Predominantly we were frustrated with how lateral they were in attack against a NSW defense that was getting up hard and giving them no time with the ball.

But what happened at half-time? What the fuck did Wayne Bennett say? Crikey!

The Maroons came out and won the contact, controlled the ruck and consequently won the field position. They looked calm, they looked in control and they put NSW under pressure.

Ahhh Kurt Capewell, did anyone see that coming?

Huge in defense, an intercept and a line break and kick through that got QLD their first try through AJ Brimson.

DCE brilliant, Gagai outstanding and Cameron Munster at his very best as well.

The three experienced heads in the backline, jeez they stood up didn't they?

You'd pay good money to be a fly on the wall during Wayne's half-time address wouldn't you. Gus Gould, love him or hate him, he called it pretty right on the stroke of half-time, suggesting that Bennett had enough to work with and that he'll come up with something during the break.

Gus was right. That was hard to type.

So this young QLD team, that fortunately I did tip this morning, albeit somewhat reluctantly, they've pulled one over the much more fancied Blues.

Even in the 74th minute, when QLD were up 8 and seemingly home for all money, Wayne Bennett wasn't smiling. He knows the job isn't done, not yet, he wants the series win.

Freddy Fittler back to the drawing board and he'll likely be without Cameron Murray who appeared to do a fair bit of damage to his knee.

Ahhh QLD, you've done it again.

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