BREAKING: QLD'ers still hate Paul Gallen

Paul Gallen played 24 games for NSW.

He won 9 of those.

He lost 15 of those.

That's a winner percentage of just 37.50%.

He's now echoed the thoughts of others who have labelled the current Maroons side as the worst they've ever seen.

Right, so how is the series 1-1?

Gallen, well he was playing origin at the time when QLD were at the peak of their powers winning 10 out of 11 series between 2006 & 2017.

That was a bit ridiculous, how about having blokes like Lockyer, Thurston, Cronk, Smith, Slater, Inglis and many more coming up against you each year?


Gallen's best contribution was probably the fights he'd find himself in with blokes like Nate Myles and Josh Maguire.

Other than that, Gal's origin record is fairly shithouse. Here's Gal doing his best work in origin football, third man, swinging arm. Typical Gal.

They say everyone's entitled to their opinion but surely NSW have learnt their lesson about underestimating the mighty Maroons - surely?!

Does 1995 ring any bells?

This'll just fuel the Maroon fire even more, they get a packed out Suncorp Stadium for Wednesday night and they'll know they have to show up.

I agree with Gal on one thing, NSW are probably more talented across the park. But State of Origin is different, we've seen it happen so many times before.

This Wednesday night is going to be a belter and jeez it'd be nice to beat the Cockroaches and just hold up the middle finger to our mate Gal.

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