BREAKING: NSW were pretty good

34 -10.

The Blues set the tone from the first set of the game.

Big contact, QLD's skipper Daly Cherry-Evans forced to kick from his own 20m line.

2 minutes later, Cameron Munster cops a head knock and is taken away for a HIA. He fails that, not looking good for QLD from the outset.

18-4 to the Blues at halftime and they've got all the momentum.

But let's just appreciate the try of Xavier Coates before we go any further. How acrobatic was that! He did the full 360!

Aside from that, the whole first half belonged to the Blues, they dominated the important stats. Completion rate, metres gained and post contact metres. It was a fair touch up if we're calling it straight.

By the time Jack Wighton had scored and Phillip Sami was carried into touch in the 46th minute, it was becoming clear QLD were pretty well f%cked.

On the note of Sami, could we find someone to replace him for Game 3? Corey Oates available? Wendall Sailor? Mick Hancock? Someone...

Didn't the Blues just pile it on and breaks the hearts of the Maroons? Dear oh dear it was hard to watch.

In fact just about everyone got a try for the Blues, it was as if Oprah Winfrey was there handing them out.

The highlight of the night? Clearly the fight that broke out in the 57th minute with Payne Haas and Tino Fa'asuamaleaui copping 10 minutes in the bin.

That added some spice.

QLD never close really, Josh Papalii gave us a hint of hope when he got through Damien Cook but we were never likely. NSW dominant in the contact, they controlled the ruck and too often down the QLD right side defense, they had too many options.

So we're off to Suncorp for the decider next week. Uncle Peter V'Landys and his crew will be happy.

QLD will be praying that Cam Munster is right to go, how much did we miss him...? Perhaps the only positive to come out of it is that Jack Wighton can't defend at centre and will no doubt retain his position. That presents an opportunity for the Maroons next week.

There's a few other issues, we could be losing Josh Papalii for pulling hair - sadly that's not a joke.

Back to the drawing board for Uncle Wayne and Mal Meninga, but you couldn't ask for two better blokes to be steering the ship for Game 3.

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