Big Tino!!

Alright, it was only a trial.

But this guy is seriously good.

Dally M Lock of the Year potentially - he's that good.

There's a few things in this try from the trial against the Warriors on the weekend.

Firstly, it's a tremendous run on the back of Dave Fifita taking a hit up and getting some front foot ball, that must really excite Titans fans.

The second part is that the ball transfer near to the line so he can get the big fend on RTS - that's really good.

And when I say big fend, it was a BIG FEND.

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The last part of it, jeez that's pretty shit defense!

The Titans are really on to something here with this back row, Tino Fa'asuamaleuai is a real talent.

I know that's not breaking news but I am so freakin excited to see what he can do this year after a wonderful 2020 for the Storm & QLD.

The big problem for commentators is that they'll have to pronounce his name with a lot of regularity and it's a bit of a tongue twister.

I've copped a fair bit of criticism for putting the Titans in my Top 4 this year - if they can keep these big fellas on the park, they're going to create a lot of front foot ball for their halves pairing and backs to thrive off.

Exciting times for Titans fans and we're just 11 days out from Round 1!

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