How about big Dave Taylor

Last night we saw a video of The Tank, Big Dave Taylor playing in a charity match.

A cheeky little chip and chase from the big fella.

If you missed it.

Few things in that, firstly, obviously retirement is treating him well - that's obvious.

Secondly, big Petero Civoniceva probably should have been done for holding down too long in the tackle.

But also, it probably should have been a penalty try!

You might be thinking I'm have a laugh about the penalty try thing, but do you remember when he put in a grubber for himself back in 2012!?

It made me have a think back to the career of Dave Taylor - granted he probably didn't quite reach his potential, but nonetheless, he got a fair bit done.

181 games in the NRL for Brisbane, Souths, Gold Coast & Canberra.

Yes, Canberra - 11 games for them in 2017 - that might feature as a trivia question in years to come - I'd forgotten about his short stint in the nation's capital.

He also got 26 appearances for Catalans in 2016.

Don't forget 8 caps for Queensland, 1 for Australia.

Not a bad career right!

He was always capable of doing something out of the box, the grubber, long range tries - he had it all.

He was always capable too of a suspension, a bit of ill-discipline, an off-field indiscretion, a fight - ahhh he was pretty entertaining stuff.

Now he's obviously enjoying his retirement and raising some money for charity along the way - not a bad gig.

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