Bernard Tomic is making adult films

Does Bernard Tomic still play tennis?

Well I just Google'd it, Bernie is ranked 224th in the world.

That's actually better than I expected.

Now he's done something might endear him a little more to the Australian public, he's gone into the adult film industry, making his debut with Vanessa Sierra.

You know the bird from Love Island? Yeah, her.

It was only a couple of days ago that Bernie and Vanessa went public with their relationship on social media.

Now they've moved into the adult film space, they're moving quick!

Young Vanessa made herself famous on Love Island in 2019, then she got started on OnlyFans and for research purposes, we're going to have to subscribe to that and consume the content.

Now she's dating Bernie.

This has to be the best thing he's ever done in his career. You remember Bernard Tomic? He's the guy who's Lleyton Hewitt's friend.

One of the all-time great press conferences.

I remember when Tomic and Kyrgios were fighting it out to be the most hated sportsman in Australia.

Now Kyrgios is one of the most loved, and sadly for Bernie, he probably hasn't improved his status too much at all.

But now Bernie is making adult films, that might improve his street cred. Might even improve his tennis too?

Who knows!

Actually, I just realised, I don't like Bernard Tomic and doubt I ever will.

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