Benji the bunny


Benji looks set to be thrown an NRL lifeline by uncle Wayne.

Where does he fit in?

You'd think the Rabbitohs havles will be Cody Walker and Adam Reynolds.

Sorry, I'll re-write that, the Rabbitohs halves will definitely be Cody Walker and Adam Reynolds.

So what are they going to do with Benji?

Damien Cook is of course the starting hooker, I don't know who the back up is there, if Cook gets injured, who replaces him?

Perhaps Benji might get some time at hooker in season 2021?


This signing of Benji might be like what they do in the NBA.

They bring in the old veteran to add value not just on the court, but in the video room, the training paddock and in other areas.

He may not play too much, but he'll just get 'scrap' minutes when the games are won or lost or if there's a serious injury, let's hope there's not.

Is that probably where he fits in? I'd be interested to hear everyone's thoughts.

And for the record, I am not questioning what Wayne Bennett is doing.

I may not be a smart man, but I know not to question the great W Bennett.

I've tipped the Bunnies to finish second this year, adding Benji certainly won't hurt that and I presume they got him quite cheap.

Ahhh Benji, at his best he was beautiful to watch.

The flick passes, the side steps, the kicking game. He was pretty freakin' good!

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