BBL Preview - Every match. Every day.

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Every game previewed, every day.

BBL is starting, there's always tremendous excitement each year before it happens and then it seems to just drag on.

Let's hope that doesn't happen this year and we're still in love with the BBL come late January.

Each day, we will preview the BBL and provide you our selections.

We're going to start with a BBL bank of $200.

Let's get started.


Starting Balance: $400

Current Balance: $800

Ouch - that hurts.

I didn't see much of the game and a bit of blurry eyed this morning I check the results the Sixers seemingly have done it pretty comfortably. I'll stick fat with the Scorchers but, still keen on them.

17th January - Melbourne Stars $1.54 vs Melbourne Renegades $2.48

How could you possibly back the Renegades? Surely they move Finchy back up to the top of the order.

Perhaps it's the Melbourne Derby that'll get them going - they need some tonic.

I'll be sticking with the Stars, big victory the other day and batting line up just seems too deep for the Renegades bowling line up.

Despite the Renegades form - think this'll be a good one - but I'll back the Stars in a Sunday night classic.

$100 on the Stars @ $1.54.


Starting Balance: $400

Current Balance: $929

Stars thumped the Strikers - that was nasty and never in doubt.

How about that balance now - fark we're rolling. Some people definitely dropped off when we were doing our cash early in the competition but now we've got our back up!

Blockbuster clash tonight, here we go!

16th January - Sydney Sixers $2.02 vs Perth Scorchers $1.78

How can I possibly tip against the Scorchers? They've been very good to us over the past fortnight or so and whilst the confidence takes a bit of a hit with Mitch Marsh ruled out - I'll still be piling in.

This could be final, although I don't know if the Sixers will make it in the end, the Scorchers on the other hand are my tip to take it all out.

Josh Philippe and Dan Christian have found some form and are leading the Sixers batting unit well - they'll have to contend with the Scorchers very strong bowling line up.

This'll be a good one!

Tipping the Scorchers to get the job done.

$129 on the Scorchers @ $1.78.


Starting Balance: $400

Current Balance: $794.67

Don't look now but the Heat have moved into 5th - they're not far off 3rd in fact. Here we go!

Always looked in control last night - what about Aaron Finch batting @ 4! What a wierd move!

15th January - Melbourne Stars $1.69 vs Adelaide Strikers $2.16

No Rashid Kahn, no Strikers. That's the way I am looking at it - even though the Stars have treated me poorly this year.

The focus will of course be on the test match in Brisbane today but this is a pretty good game to look forward to afterwards.

Glenn Maxwell is due - he's been seeing them like Finchy lately. Expecting the Big Show to go BIG tonight.

The Strikers, to their credit, do have a fairly underrated batting line up, but I just think those 4 overs and helicopter style batting they lose from Rashid is going to dent the confidence.

Stars to finally get a win, if they lose tonight, you'd think they're definitely out of finals contention - if they aren't already.

$194.67 on the Stars @ $1.69.


Starting Balance: $400

Current Balance: $713.18

Well this is going pretty well now isn't it!

Josh Philippe & Steve O'Keefe really the stars of the night, Sixers home in the Sydney derby and now sit atop the table.

Dan Christian is like an old bottle of wine as well - he's just getting better it seems, such a clean striker of the ball on his day.

14th January - Brisbane Heat $1.72 vs Melbourne Renegades $2.12

Righto, d-day for the Brisbane Heat has arrived.

Win tonight and they go into 5th or perhaps even 4th on the BBL ladder, lose and it's pretty close to the curtains for the year.

The good thing, they get to play the Renegades - they have been pretty shit this year.

The danger, Aaron Finch is well overdue and he's probably pretty mad. That's a scary thought.

No news on whether Shaun Marsh is back either - I will presume he is not.

I hope the Heat win the toss and bat first here, the Renegades have proven to be terrible chasers, of course with the exception of the last over victory against the Strikers the other night.

Backing the Heat here - they'll be desperate and their fielding of late has been excellent, there's 15-20 runs potentially saved per innings at the moment.

In Lynnsanity we trust, $113.18 on the Heat @ $1.72.


Starting Balance: $400

Current Balance: $632

I am officially in love with the Perth Scorchers! Livingstone and Roy were toying with the Hurricanes, they were sort of competing with each other as to who could hit them the cleanest!

The sour note, Mitch Marsh's side strain injury - not good. I am a converted Marsh fan, let's hope he isn't too bad.

What about that current balance but - we're looking good - let's keep it going!

13th January - Sydney Thunder $1.81 vs Sydney Sixers $1.99

The Sydney derby & top of the table clash!

Bit surprised the Thunder are favourites to be honest, I think their form is tailing off somewhat. Not saying they can't win, but coming off a pretty hefty loss to the Scorchers, while the Sixers got away with a narrow victory against the Heat.

Whoever wins this is sitting atop the table, I'll back the Sixers in this one - purely on the price alone and I just think they're in a bit better touch.

Dan Christian sometimes struggles to string a few good games together, but if he can to do it at both ends with bat and ball - the Sixers are very hard to beat.

$82 on the Sixers @ $1.99.


Starting Balance: $400

Current Balance: $500

The Stars are like the ex-girlfriend, I just keep getting suckered in and I get burnt every time - the Strikers too good on their home deck. You watch - I won't back them next time they play and they'll turn it on.

A golden duck from Glenn Maxwell didn't help things!

12th January - Perth Scorchers $1.66 vs Hobart Hurricanes $2.22

Regular readers will know exactly there I am heading with this one - it's all about the Scorchers.

They're just too good, strong batting line up and their bowlers are really starting to hit their straps. The Hurricanes have been okay, D'Arcy Short hasn't been at his best, if they're any chance, they'll need him to fire, Ben McDermott on the other hand is a bit more of a worry for Perth.

Regardless, I still think the Scorchers will be too good.

Not much else to add here, going big on the Scorchers to really get the balance thriving.

$200 on the Scorchers @ $1.66.


Starting Balance: $400

Current Balance: $550


The Heat should have won that one - that hurts. That catch that went down off the third last ball really was the game right there.

In the end up but - Dan Christian was far too good, carrying the Sixers on his back to a victory and to the top of the table.

11th January - Adelaide Strikers $2.06 vs Melbourne Stars $1.75

Beware the sleeping giant!

The Stars have been woeful relative to the roster they've got. They are due, in fact, they are overdue!

I think I've tipped them more games than I haven't, they haven't been very kind to me at all! Perhaps they are too reliant on big Stoinis and Glenn Maxwell.

The Strikers haven't exactly been setting the world on fire either, 3 losses in their past 4. I suppose when you've got Rashid Kahn but - you're always a chance. This is Kahn's last game for the tournament so they'll be up for it.

Despite that - going to back the Stars again. I am either loyal or stupid, or a combination of the two!

$50 on the Stars @ $1.75.


Starting Balance: $400

Current Balance: $639.36

The Scorchers are officially rolling - always seemed in control last night. Sam Billings' 83 not enough for the Thunder but a great innings nonetheless.

You know who else is rolling - we are! How about that balance - you beauty!

10th January - Sydney Sixers $1.85 vs Brisbane Heat $1.95

Brisbane is in lockdown, which doesn't include the Gold Coast area where this game is being played but presumably a lot of ticket holders will not be permitted to go - sticky situation.

The Sixers got destroyed by the Scorchers last start and the Heat have been rolling. This is a huge, I repeat, HUGE, game for the Heat - win here and they could potentially move up to third on the ladder. Lose and they're in some strife.

After a fast start, the Sixers have stalled somewhat - that might mean they're due. Hope not!

Backing the Heat here, the top order of Bryant, Lynn, Burns & Denly is very strong.

$89.36 on the Heat @ $1.95.


Starting Balance: $400

Current Balance: $536

Ahhh the mighty Renegades - Finchy didn't even fire and they still got home. Just 14 for the Australian skipper but Mohammad Nabi was brilliant. Renegades win and we're officially in the positive for our BBL bank - what a recovery, seriously.

9th January - Perth Scorchers $1.76 vs Sydney Thunder $2.06

Regular readers will know exactly who we're tipping tonight - the Perth Scorchers are @ home and they're about to go on an absolute run. I am still tipping them to win the whole thing, they made a great statement against the Sixers the other night and they might do the same against the Thunder as well.

Batting line up is strong, real strong and their bowlers are hitting form.

Perth far too good, $136 on @ $1.76.


Starting Balance: $400

Current Balance: $400

Bit of a shit show last night in the BBL, multi was gone early but the Heat are officially now on a roll - look out comes finals time! Just the 1 game today and to be honest - it's a bit shit.

8th January - Adelaide Strikers $1.59 vs Melbourne Renegades $2.36

Actually no, I just realised that Matt Renshaw gave Kane Richardson a send off the other night so there will be a bit of fire between these two teams.

Jeez isn't Finchy due. He sat there for the whole battings innings after getting a golden duck and shook his head, I reckon he might be ready to go tonight.

The Strikers did it easy the other night, the Renegades just simply can not chase runs.

You know what, I am going to tip the Renegades - I hope they bat first and I thin Finchy is going to go BIG.

$100 on the Renegades @ $2.36 - lessgo!


Starting Balance: $400

Current Balance: $435.60