Australia are in deep doo-doo

As Australia collapsed in their first innings in the first Test against India, Kerry O’Keefe said, ‘Australia are in doo-doo’.

Or something like that.

Anyway, if Australia were in doo-doo then, they are well and truly in it now.

The Aussies’ victory in Adelaide papered up some cracks which have been exposed at the MCG in recent days.

It turns out that you can’t do well in a Test match just by bowling well, you have to be able to bat a bit too.

That’s where it all falls away for Australia.

Joe Burns is getting criticised a lot at the moment and he’ll be glad to see the back of the MCG after scoring another duck for the second Boxing Day Test in a row.

Unfortunately for Burns, he could barely doggy paddle in Shield cricket this season, so it’s not a surprise that he failed to perform when thrown in at the deep end that is the Test arena.

With the exception of his half-century in Australia’s second innings in Adelaide, of course.

Criticise Burns on an individual level, yes, but he is just one cog in the Australian engine and Marnus Labuschagne and Steve Smith haven’t been pulling the weights they were expected to pull.

Smudge is in one heck of a slump.

He said he had ‘found his hands’ in the ODIs, and now it looks like he’s lost them again.

Whatever’s going on, an batting average of 3.33 so far in this series needs to be improved pronto to help Australia out.

Perhaps not getting out by steering it round the corner to leg slip would be a start.

Just saying.

Thank goodness for Cam Green who had far greater positive intent than many of his teammates, going forward to play shots instead of spending a nervy time at the batting crease.

Individual flashes of brilliance like this show the potential this Australian side has if everything comes together.

To use the engine analogy again, it’s now time for all the cylinders to fire up, to get an innings past the 200-run mark for a start, and be in a decent position when the second new ball comes.

David Warner may be back for the third Test, now confirmed at the SCG, and so may Will Pucovski, according to Tim Paine.

Who knows what Warner will bring to the table if he does play in Sydney, with the same going for Pucovski, but one thing’s for sure, what happened in Melbourne cannot happen in Sydney.

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