Anthony Mundine had a fight?

Ahhh, where did that come from?

Apparently Anthony Mundine fought Michael Zerafa last night.

I use the term 'fought' really loosely as well.

If you missed it, like I did, then you didn't miss much - this one was over in the first round, 129 seconds to be exact.

Old Choc Mundine has been a favourite of mine.

Runs his mouth, creates some interest and is mildly entertaining.

Well at one point he was.

Now, not so much.

Here's some potentially fraudulently published 'highlights' of last night.

I genuinely didn't even know he was fighting last night.

I watch my fair share of sport and must have simply missed all the promotion and hype that went on for this one.

Or perhaps there was none.

But after this latest knock out, surely it's time for Choc to hang up the gloves and sail off into the sunset. Surely?

He would have made enough by now wouldn't he?

I am sure he'll pick up a gig somewhere.

He actually strikes me as someone who will try and get his nose into politics and make some noise in Canberra.

I think he's made suggestions of that in the past.

MP Anthony Mundine - I could see that happening.

But Boxing, he shouldn't do that anymore, he's done.

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