Announce it already

Surely, just surely Cameron Smith will be unveiled by the Broncos this week.

I'm calling that it's going to happen today.

There we go.

I think the arguably the greatest player in the history of the NRL will be announced today to a 1 year deal with the Brisbane Broncos.


We're playing in like 17 days.


Cameron - hurry up.

There's no chance he's retiring, this has gone on far too long, if he was going to retire he would have done that already.

Now we did wrongly suggest that the Titans were going to announce a Smith signing the other day - whoops.

But how bloody exciting is this for Broncos fans!

Hope. Optimism.

If we're short on the cash, I'm sure you we could all chip in for the $500,000/year to get Smithy on the field. I'm good for $20.

It's what we all want!

Let's get the announcement done today or tomorrow, give Cameron two weeks or thereabouts to slot in to his role as Hooker, Captain & let's face it, Assistant Coach.

The fact the Broncos haven't announced a captain for season 2021 is another clear sign.

It's too obvious.

Cameron Smith is going to sign with the Broncos - you f**cking beauty!!

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