Andrew Voss is the best commentator

I preface this by saying, I don’t know Andrew Voss and nor have I ever met him, sure, I think we could be very good mates but at this stage, we’re not familiar with one another.

But sitting back since the resumption of the NRL season knocked about by the Coronavirus, I have been consuming a shitload of rugby league from my couch.

Given the option every Thursday, Friday and Sunday, I choose the FoxSports broadcast instead of Channel 9? Why you ask. Andrew Voss.

Find me a more passionate, comedic and informed commentator of any sport. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ray Warren, Mike Breen in the NBA with his infamous ‘BANG’ calls, Shane Warne & Kerry O’Keefe in the cricket, they are all fantastic, all wonderful and all enhance the game.

But Vossy makes me laugh and rides the emotion of each moment of the game like a fan, because that’s what he is, he is a rugby league tragic and it makes for great broadcasting. I realise there was a falling out with Vossy and Channel 9 but jeez, didn’t they pull the wrong string there. This guy is the best in the business.

I think it might have been the first Round back, post-COVID, cardboard cutouts filling the stands with devoting fans who had paid to have their face in the crowd. A tight contest, Knights and Panthers it was, Vossy pipes up with a classic line as the seconds tick down on the clock and the game very much in the balance. ‘The crowd isn’t moving, they’re that anxious!’.

Poor old Teddy

Equally as passionate, equally as funny, perhaps not for Chooks fans or James Tedesco, but what about his call when big Maika Sivo steamrolled over the top of Teddy in the Roosters game against Parramatta. Remember the line? ‘Call an Ambulance, maybe call a priest!’.

Brilliant, entertaining, passionate.

A student of the game, Andrew Voss is always informative as he is funny. He probably knows just about everything there is to know about rugby league. I feel smarter just watching him do his thing. Channel 9, I am sorry to say, you dropped the ball here, Andrew Voss you are a star.


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