An absolute carve up

It might have been just before halftime last night, Gus Gould called it a good old fashion carve up and that's exactly what it was.

Holey dooley.

The Roosters were, key word 'were', outright premiership favourites going into last night. They're not dead and buried but fark me, how do you explain that performance?

Is anyone else at a loss for what happened?

3 minutes in, they lost Jake Friend, that poor bloke is tough but he cops his fair share of injuries doesn't he. But that aside, everything seemed to be going according to script early when Josh Morris scored in the corner in the 3rd minute.

Roosters by 20, maybe 30? That's what you were probably thinking at that point.

Well, Alex Johnston and the Bunnies had other plans. 5 tries for him and a night to remember.

How's this, the Bunnies scored 4 tries in the last 11 minutes, piling 60 points on the Roosters.

No team has ever conceded 50 points and gone on to win the comp, does that mean Sydney City are done?

I just don't know what has happened, I've never seen anything like it.

That's like the '96 Chicago Bulls losing by 35 to the Indiana Pacers. Or the All Blacks getting dusted by the Pumas by 3-4 tries.

You get what I am saying? The Bunnies aren't a bad side, in fact they're quite good, but 60-8, you kidding?

This Roosters team, which, might I add was near enough to full strength, only really missing their long term injuries, are close to being one of those great dynasties in sport.

Up until last night, I thought for sure they'd complete the three-peat. But now, obviously, I am not so sure.

And, to cap it all off. They've fucked my multi for the weekend.

What were they doing? Was that their way of paying tribute to the Brisbane Broncos by imitating their defense?

At the same time, what about the Rabbitohs.

The Roosters were awful, but credit to the freakin Bunnies. Last week they lost to the Dogs, remember that? Now they absolutely thump the Chooks.

If you do the math, does that mean the Dogs could beat the Roosters by like, 70?

I am glad Canterbury didn't get the spoon, that would have been one of the great injustices in sport, the Broncos firmly deserved that thing!

Rooster can still win the comp, I think.


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