Ajinkya Rahane really shat the bed

Doesn't get much worse than this if you're either Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli or any Indian cricket fan.

We all saw it, I presume.

If not the video, here's the video.

Pretty nasty viewing.

Kohli left absolutely high and dry by his Vice-Captain, I wonder how the bus ride back to the team hotel was last night?

You'd suspect it was a fairly quiet trip.

If I was Rahane, I would have waited right until the end before boarding and then assess the situation as you climb the stairs and spot the captain before making your decision on where to sit.

One of the worst you'll see, particularly when it's the Emperor of India and the best batsman in the world alongside our Smudge Smith.

Kohli was looking good, he looked in control, breezing towards another 100. He's already got 27 of those in test cricket from his 86 matches. You could see he was intent on being there for the long haul, given this is his only test of the Summer.

Ajinkya Rahane had other plans.

India 6-233 on what looked a fairly even day of cricket, if they can push towards something like 300, then that'll be competitive, the pitch seemingly offering a bit of variable tennis ball style bounce.

I reckon Jasprit Bumrah will thrive on this surface - watch out Australia.

Attention will quickly turn to Joe Burns tonight, he'll walk out with first time opener Matthew Wade in what arguably could be the innings that defines Burns' career.

Whatever happens with Joe Burns, it can't be worse than how Ajinkya Rahane might have been feeling last night - unless Burns runs out Smithy maybe - that might be the only thing!

Attack hard Burnsy - play your shots.

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