Ahhh the Dusty fend

Well wasn't that just an epic Round 1 clash.

Carlton really stuck it to the Tigers last night and the premiers dug deep and showed their class.

25 point win in the end, it was a much closer contest than that.

Having 50,000 in the MCG felt great didn't it, what a great atmosphere.

But it was business as usual for the best in the game, Dusty Martin.

Seriously, I've run out of superlatives for this bloke.

31 disposals, a couple of goals and some really key involvements in crunch time that lifted the Tigers when they needed it.

His fend is like that of Greg Inglis - there's no stopping it.

It's outstanding.

When Richmond are really pressured, they just find that extra level don't they.

At the back end of each quarter last night, they really showed their class, despite the fact that a lot of the chat was that the Blues might be fitter having had an extra month of pre-season.

The extra month was of course due to the fact that the Tigers were busy winning a premiership back in late October.

But seriously, Dusty Martin is on another level.

Let's not open up the can of worms just yet, but jeez he must be close to the best the game has ever seen.


He is at that rare status that only the legends find themselves in within their respective sports.

The big stat from last night, aside from the 31 disposals and the 2 goals were the 4 goal assists for Dusty, just making unselfish decisions and most the time he gets them right.

Ahhh Thursday night footy at the G, the AFL is back.

It's back in a big way.

The only thing missing was Bruce, outside of that, it was pretty special.

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