Ahhh the Bunnies look alright

Updated: Mar 1


Okay so we need to keep a lid on it somewhat, but jeez the Bunnies looked pretty good on Saturday night.

Again, we can't get too excited about it because the Dragons don't look very good at all.

In fact, if you're a Dragons fan, let's be honest, then it's looking pretty grim this year.

But what about the Bunnies.

That spine of Latrell Mitchell, Cody Walker, Adam Reynolds & Damien Cook - pretty good!

It may well rival the Storm spine that boasts Papenhuyzen, Munster, Hughes & Grant.

It's early days, let's see how it plays out.

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Before half-time on Saturday night, Latrell Mitchell already had 3 try assists and a meat pie of his own, while Cody Walker had bagged a hat-trick inside the first 20 minutes.

Latrell's double pump on the first try and then the classy offload for the Bunnies second underlined how valuable he might be in 2021.

Then there was the debut of Benji Marshall, the Souths Sydney social media team had some fun with him.

Souths are currently $1.80 for a top four finish - that might be a nice price.

What about Round 1, Storm vs Souths in 11 days or so - that is going to be an absolute belter!


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