Ahhh Quackerjack

Ahhh, the old boy Quackerjack got out to $18 just before the jump and I had had a fair old crack at him at that price.

It would have been an absolute fill up for the members of the Inside Feed Punters Club on Facebook - jeez it would have been nice.

The race went according to the pre-race script, he sat outside the leader, went past him and it was just a matter of whether or not he could fend off the two favourites that were down in the weights.

In the straight at around the 300m mark, I was thinking he was going to be tougher than Bandersnatch, so much so, I had already spent my money.

I was going to buy a jetski.

But alas, it wasn't to be - we did get a handsome price on the place, $4.50 or thereabouts which was a nice return.

If Quackerjack's next start is over 1600m @ Randwick and he gets a dry track, we'll be launching in again.

These boys here were pretty happy with the $4.50 the place!

The other thing about Quackerjack is that from his 4 runs when he's 3rd up from a spell, he's won 3 of them.

I presume Mark Newnham will run him again in a fortnight - clear out all the coins from your tray in the car, maybe sell some unwanted households items on eBay and we'll get stuck right into it.

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