A broken freakin' shoulder

Fair dinkum, a broken shoulder.

Anyone ever had one of those? Just think about it, a broken shoulder...

If you did, I bet you weren't running around a park playing contact sport straight after it.

Once when I was playing rugby league, I stubbed my toe and I was on the injury list for a couple of weeks. Admittedly, I was a bench player at best.

I could only imagine what sort of movement he had in that shoulder, presumably it was not much.

You could see as soon as Gaz landed on his left shoulder on Saturday night that it was a nasty landing, he rolled over and looked in trouble straight away.

But seriously, how did he play on and still be semi effective? Unbelievable performance given the circumstances.

Now I am not sure whether there are different levels of a broken shoulder injury, but it sounds pretty bad, doesn't it?

Sure it was his final game and perhaps he wasn't fully aware as to the extent of the injury, but to play on with that sort of pain is beyond ridiculous.

357 games, 2 flags, 8 All Australian selections & 2 Brownlow medals.

Reads pretty well doesn't it.

That's the type of legacy Ablett has left behind as he exits stage door left and embarks on the next chapter in his life.

Reminiscent of Cooper Cronk playing the 2018 grand final for the Sydney Roosters with a broken scapula, sure - the Cats didn't win, but what Gary Ablett did on Saturday night will go down in AFL folklore.

It certainly wasn't the way he had wished it all to go down in his final game. But to play on and get some meaningful touches is out of this world.

We lost a good one on Saturday night, enjoy retirement Gaz.

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